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Tacky Day Pack

Tacky Day Pack

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Availability: Coming Soon

The Tacky Fly Boxes are very famous for their silicone interior that allows you not to lose the flies. Very strong against falls and scratches, equipped with magnets for easy closing. They are definitely the top among the boxes for fly fishing! In addition to keeping flies in place, the silicone bottom also has other advantages: it does not absorb water, it resists temperature changes, it has no memory after a fly remains threaded for a long time, and it does not spoil with the tips of the hooks. The Tacky Day Pack Fly Box is certainly the smallest, thinnest and lightest of the whole Tacky range. It is half the size of the Tacky Original Fly Box, but its holes have a double cut so that the fliescan fit together in two opposite directions and be able to fit many small flies. It was designed to contain "the flies for the day", therefore few models but of various types. In fact, the ideal is to use it for chironomes, emerging, wet flies, nymphs and perdigons. But you can also put some small streamers like zonker, marabou streamer and squirmy worm on it. And it can also be used for small and large dry flies (although the most suitable for dry flies is the Tacky Dry Fly Box). Especially using it for unweighted nymphs, nymphs with small tungsten balls, emerging in cdc, you can make the most of the double cuts and use it to contain the maximum of flies. Capacity: 180 flies. Dimensions: 12,7 x 7,90 x 1,90 cm.

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