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Wader Gaiter

Wader Gaiter

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In Fly fishing stealth can be absolutely critical. In many cases, a large part of being stealthy is keeping a low profile - even kneeling where possible. The biggest problem with kneeling is that you will get holes in your expensive waders, (and you may also get sore knees).

The "FTWvwader gaiters" will protect your expensive waders from pinhole leaks that you would get from kneeling along the bank. They will also protect expensive waders from the pinhole leaks you will get from walking through streamside brush (and from your own flies, which is probably a bigger problem than most people want to admit).

You'll still have to be careful, and kneel gently so you don't bang up your knees but your waders will be protected. 

They are constructed of 5mm Neoprene with velcro strap attachments, they can be tightened or loosened to fit.


Size: M, L, XL

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